Monday, September 30, 2013

Mori-Nu Vanilla Pudding Mix

I've seen this Mori-Nu Vanilla Pudding Mix in the stores for years. A part of me has always wanted to try it, but I've honestly been afraid. You see, the main ingredient is a block of silken tofu. While I love tofu, I wasn't sure a dessert made mostly from a block of tofu would be very exciting. But I placed this on my bucket list of pre-package Vegan eats, so bombs away!

Surprisingly, I dig it! Now don't get me wrong, you're going to know you're eating a block of tofu. But there's ways to lighten the tofu taste. One way is to use almond milk (or whatever alternative milk you want) instead of the suggested water. Another tip is to add a little fruit. Also, make sure to chill it once blended, the warm tofu pudding isn't happening. If you wanna' see what it was like to be Vegan in the 90's, here's your chance! Tastier than it sounds, everyone should eat this at least once in their life. Enjoy!


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