Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Original SuperPretzel

One of our local supermarket chains, Hy-Vee, has a "Health Market" in the corner of the store where they sell Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly stuff. So usually when I shop there, I go straight to the Health Market and produce isle and then I jet. On my last shopping Hy-Vee trip, I ventured to the normal part of the store for the hell of it. When I got to the frozen section I noticed a box that was super familiar and instantly brought me back to my teenage years. It was a box of SuperPretzels.

I loved SuperPretzels so much growing up it was unreal. I still knew the instructions by heart: Damp the pretzel with a tiny bit of water, coat with salt and microwave for one minute. It's not that I ever fell out of favor with SuperPretzels, more that I never go to that part of the store anymore and totally forgot about them. So when I looked at the box and all of the ingredients looked legit, I knew....this box was coming home with me!

Right off the bat I notice the pretzel is smaller than the one I remember. After 20 years, I can't be too surprised that it shrunk, what hasn't? But I'm happy to report the flavor of your favorite pretzels is the same. Soft, doughy, pretzely goodness. I like that it still has the salt pack so you can choose you how much or how little salt you want. The best part is where as before I NEVER put anything on my pretzel, now I can put Food For Lovers Queso or something equally as awesome on it. Long live the SuperPretzel!


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