Sunday, June 24, 2012

Soyatoo Extra Creamy Whip

The great thing about being Vegan is that almost anything can be replicated animal-free. I feel like you should be able to have all of the decadent goodies that non-Vegans have. One such instance is the Soyatoo Extra Creamy Whip. Some of you have probably seen me complain about Soyatoo cans before. In the past I've had trouble getting the normal Soy Whip out of the can (as I'm sure you have, too). So  I gave up on the can and started buying it in the box. Well a month or so ago, I noticed this Extra Creamy can and decided to try again. Shockingly, it worked and actually tasted better than the old stuff.  

As you can see, my strawberries got creamed. Honestly, most of the whip went directly in my mouth as it should. It's thick, creamy and fluffy goodness. So, if you see the Extra Creamy Whip in the stores, give it a chance. And if you want to be non-lazy, you can follow the 7 step process to ensure your whip works correctly. I didn't, of course.


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