Monday, October 10, 2011

Divvies BingGo Chocolate Bars

Divvies is a company on the come up. First they amazed me with their Vegan popcorn and now I'm mesmerized by their Vegan chocolate bars. Divvies BingGo Bars are Willy Wonka sized chocolate bars that really hit the spot. Can I manage not to eat these before I take pictures? Let's see!

The Benjamint Crunch is amazing!!!! It's like a Candy Cane Joe-Joe chocolate bar. Crunchy and refreshing. I love this so much! It was made by elves or something. The Divvine Chocolate is a classic chocolate bar. Nothing mindblowing but it could take out a non-Vegan chocolate bar anyday. Simple and delicious.

So be on the look out for these bad boys! Oh there is a secret when you open the packaging but I won't spoil it. Chomp!


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