Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heidi Ho Organic Hazelnut Cheezes

In the last couple years, Vegan cheeses have really blown up. I think it's an exciting time to try Veganism and one of the gateways is cheese. So having a multitude of choices is important. One of the newest entries into the Vegan cheese world is Heidi Ho Organics. Heidi Ho is different because they use hazelnuts instead of soy or tapioca. And I'm sure you're dying to know, yes, it does melt! For the time being these cheezes are only available in Portland, Oregon but will be available at their website soon.

Chipotle Cheddar was my favorite of the three. It had a hearty spicy taste that was begging to be shredded into some tacos (which I eventually did).

Monterey Jack had mellow buttery flavor that was delicious on crackers. A slice on a veggie burger would be yum also.

Smoked Gouda had a smoked tangy flavor. I've never eaten real gouda and the only reason I know about it is Mr. Mom. It would be good on a Tofurky sandwich.

For the tasting cracker, I went with the Late July Classic Rich. I found them to be very buttery and delicious. These would take down a Ritz cracker any day. Look how far Veganism has come, wine and cheeze all day!


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