Friday, December 3, 2010

Rudi's Organic Bakery 7 Grain with Flax Bread

Without a doubt my favorite bread is Rudi's 7 Grain with Flax. When I buy it, I just don't buy one, I buy three. Two go in the freezer and one stays out. So what do I do with all that bread? Well, mostly I use it for my pb's (no j), but also for veggies burgers. My old mainstay bread was a Wild Oats (R.I.P.) brand. but those are a little hard to come by these days.

The bread is chewy and had little seeds all over the loaf. It can be a bit moist so make sure you use it up or it will go bad pretty quickly. One of my favorite parts of this bread (besides the fact it tastes wonderful) is that it says Vegan on the back! It's just the little things. So what is your favorite bread?


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